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Dog Laws in the UK

By: Sandy Bolan - Updated: 28 Aug 2020 | comments*Discuss
Dangerous Dogs Control Obedience

Dog ownership is a privilege that must be taken seriously. All dog owners must raise and care for their dogs in a specific manner - one that does not harm the dog in any way. Dog owners must also follow specific dog legislation.

Having dog-specific laws in place may seem unreasonable, however, they were created, and are implemented, for society's safety, as well as that of the dog.

Every dog, no matter its size or breed, must be trained in basic obedience. This will go a long way in keeping your dog out of harm's way, and hopefully you and your dog will never have an encounter with local authorities.

To help owners out, the Kennel Club dog owners group has created two programs, the first being the Safe and Sound Scheme, which was created "to promote the safe interaction between children and dogs, and teaches children how to behave around dogs and to stay safe," according to the Kennel Club. "It can never be taken for granted that any dog will be 100 per cent safe with everyone all of the time."

The second program is the Good Citizen Dog Scheme, which covers both theoretical and practical dog training skills.

Under Control

As of 1992, the Control of Dogs Order requires any dog in a public place to wear a collar and ID tag with the name and address of the owner on it. Failure to comply can lead to a £5,000 fine.

However, every rule, including this one, has its exceptions. Dogs exempt from wearing a collar and ID tag in public include: dogs on official duty for the armed forces, HM Customs and Excise or police; sport dogs and packs of hounds; dogs used for capturing or destroying vermin; dogs used for driving/tending cattle or sheep; guide dogs for the blind; and dogs used for emergency rescue work.

Poop and Scoop

Did you know that until 2003 in Scotland, it was illegal to let your dog go potty in specified public places, regardless of whether or not the dirty deed was immediately removed or not.

The new act now makes public fouling an offence only when it is not immediately cleaned up. The remainder of UK dog owners who fail to scoop their dog's poop can be slapped with a £1,000 fine under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

Another way in which local authorities are trying to keep neighbourhoods beautiful is by handing out dog control orders. "This means that councils will be able to make an order for a standard offence to apply to land within their area," reports the Kennel Club.

Offences likely covered included: not putting or keeping a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer; permitting a dog to go onto unauthorised land; and taking more than the specified number of dogs onto land.

When it comes to trespassing, the Animals Act 1997 empowers farmers to shoot, without warning, dogs the farmer feels is a threat to his livestock. The dog's owner could face criminal prosecution for the same offence.

Dangerous Dogs

As of 1991, all breeds or types of Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino or Filo Braziliero must be registered, neutered, microchipped, tattooed and insured. "It is an offence to breed, sell, exchange or give away a dog of these breeds and they must have been registered by the end of November 1991. It is not possible to register them now," according to Birmingham Public Health.

If you illegally own one of these dogs, you can be hit with a maximum fine of £5,000 and/or six month's imprisonment.


Dog breeders who breed five or more litters a year must be licensed under the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999. Even if you breed fewer than five litters a year, but breed for business purposes, you too must be licensed.

The Act also states that licensed breeders: cannot mate a bitch under 12 months old; cannot whelp more than six litters from a bitch; cannot whelp two litters within a 12-month period from the same bitch; they must keep accurate records and puppies cannot be sold until they are eight weeks old. However, they are able to sell puppies, less than eight weeks of age, to a licensed pet shop or Scottish rearing establishment.

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I live in supporting housing and they won't let my dog live with me so a friend has my dog untill I can move out this place there's no problem with that is there? Cause staff at my home are threatening to call rspca
Leah - 28-Aug-20 @ 9:22 AM
Good morning I have a neighbor on Hurkur Crescent Eyemouth who lives her dog 5 days in a week lock up in her flat. That dog howls and barks all the time. Is it legal please?? Thank you
Guilliano - 25-Jun-20 @ 9:26 AM
Advise please? We live on a small lane with approx 8 houses.We have a neighbour across the street who has a dog.Their property is not fenced off from the road. The owners are of the firm opinion that it is ok to let him out in the morning to run out into the lane, roam for a while, do his mess (now habitually on or immediately outside our drive) and saunter off home.As far as they are concerned, in their minds, they’ll get round to clearing it up at some point in the day and they can’t see a problem with this.Most times they don’t check.All too often It’s still there several hours later, sometimes intact, other time’s squashed by a car or under some unfortunate persons foot!!It is driving us insane. My husband has taken to collecting it on a shovel and flinging it back at their house!Are we being unreasonable in thinking this is not responsible dog ownership?Any advise would be appreciated!
Bec - 13-Jun-20 @ 11:51 PM
Hubby and I were walking with dogs . I had one on a short lead. As we approached a roadwith ajunction to the housing estate my hubby was ahead and crossed with his dog but I held backwith mine becauseI sawa woman with 2 dogs approaching and crossing the road. Knowing my dog would bark I tried to avoidthe women and her dogs so steered my dogaway by shortening the lead and walking down the road awayfrom her and her dogs she took a path across the rdbringing her dogs towards mine so I told her "he is cagey around other dogs." She continuedwalking towards me and my dog with her two dogs, which wereboth wearing thick coats and alsobarking I told the lady that he is nervous around other dogs and will bsrk and lurch st them.She carried on moving towards me. My dog was barkingas were hers I triedto get mine nearer to me and the wall by holding the lead near to his collarbut unfortunately accidentally unhooked the lead as I got so close to his collar Heran towardthe other dogs and was very barky, and jumpingand ran round them all 3 dogs barkingandjumping around.The lady was screamingand pulling her dogs by their leads as she panicked.At no point did any dog cry in pain or seem upset.I shouted to mine telling him to "sit" he ran to me immediately then ran across the rdto my hubby and sat down behind him.I crossed to them and put his lead back on he was back on the lead and under control within around 10seconds of the incident startinghe was now calm and under control. The lady immediately walked to usbringing her now calm dogswith her she wasstill panicking was shouting at me and before even looking at either of her dogsshouted" your dog's bitten her andopened a woundwhere another dog bit her. she was only signed off by vet today . It going to cost you loads of money for out of hours vet " All the dogs were calmat this point and wagging theirtails happily sniffing each other and engaging together. She hadbrought her dogs right up to usthe dogs were calmbutshe wasshouting at me hystericallyall thethe time the 4 dogs werehappily sniffing each other, tails wagging,with no sign of distress. the woman was irate and dragged herdogsin a rough way around on their leads She thengot one of her dogs and unhookedand lifted its coat to reveal an area that had beenpreviously wounded i saw a pinkishwound a little larger than a 20p piecethere wasno blood or bleeding seen. AlthoughI saidi was very sorry and him slipping his lead wasaccidental a i pointed out the dogs were all calm now but she continued yelling hysterically and demanded to know my phone number and address, as she continued shoutingand screamig at me I felt veryintimidated and did give her my address and mobile number reluctantly as I was not under the impression that anything serious had occured , I was more than a little bewildered as there was no sign that my doghad even ups
Boo - 3-Nov-19 @ 10:57 AM
Am I wrong or is it not allowed to leave a dog in a car alone over night regardless of weather conditions.. I have a dog I can see left in a car for 3 days in the winter?
Laura - 1-Nov-19 @ 6:02 AM
Hi. There is a neighbour who takes his dog labrador size to play ball in the area where all the garages are. This area is an L shape so this person goes to the furthest side and throws the ball yo the dog towards the other end of the garage area.. If there is a car coming from the road through the internal private road and turns left. The driver was ill never see that the dog is running towards him. Basically it is extremely dangerous. It happened to me when I was a learner driver. Is this legal? Can this neighbour come and play in the garages area with a dog? (there are at least 15 garages there) Please need adviceas I've already spoken with him but he still hasn't stop coming here with the dog. Thank you Thank you!
Alita - 13-Oct-19 @ 10:07 PM
Where can I find the law/by law about my dog entering a local river. There is private fishing (no access to public) and a long stretch of river open to everyone.
Osar - 5-Jul-19 @ 10:40 AM
I live beside someone who has 3 dogs.This person doesn't work but disappears for over 10 hours or all night and doesn't come back until evening time the next day.The problem is this - the dogs are never ever, ever walked.Not one single walk in their whole lives.So they bark when the owner is not there.Constantly.They are bored and get separation anxiety.But, the authorities don't seem to care.Have tried to get them to help but falls on deaf ears.Can't walk them myself as I have my own dog and find it hard enough getting up at 04:05am for work.There is no escape route for the dogs so they cant break free.Heartbreaking how people neglect their animals.
Sprinkles - 14-Jun-19 @ 2:55 PM
Hi I live with my in laws and they have recently bought a dog, hes a big alsatian. I have 4 kids 6,4,2 and 8 months. It's hot and they want to play outside, I dont think it's safe.. ?
Rani - 23-May-19 @ 10:49 AM
Hi, I know it’s illegal to not have a ID tag but does the tag have to go onto a collar, can it go onto the dog harness we have instead?
Nightfall - 6-May-19 @ 7:09 PM
Can someone please send me the laws that a dog charity must abide by ? We have a "dog charity" in our local area collecting stray dogs not informing the warden and then with holding them from their owners even when these dogs are chipped . I would like to be aware of the laws against this before I take this for further investigation
Jodayton - 5-Apr-19 @ 10:01 PM
Please help, what can I do to help our neighbours dogs? These poor dogs are never walked and are kept indoors, I hear them crying most days and they are using the dogs to purely breed puppies, I feel for these dogs, the neighbours are new to the area and they are already selling their second litter of puppies, is there a limit that a little dogs body can take or am I just being silly and this is normal?
Prin - 16-Mar-19 @ 4:09 PM
response to Val who said "I was at the park today with my 5 month old puppy, who is overly friendly in the sense of she loves everyone." Sorry about your encounter but to be honest your pup is YOUR responsibility and if someone has their dog under control and yours starts annoying or threatening then they can, according to the law defend their animal.I love dogs but in a public place keep my two on a lead or, if I seen another dog on a lead I ensure mine do not approach it. You see no harm in what your puppy was doing but you have no knowledge of what the other person's dog might do and therefore it is both rude and inconsiderate . Your puppy needs to be taught good manners from the get go and learn that it cannot just approach anyone or any dog it wants to.
Dizzy - 14-Mar-19 @ 11:58 AM
Hi there, I had someones dogs for two years straight now while owner went away on hollidays, it was only meant be to be few weeks and looked after it like my own child, absolutely love this dog. Then recently owner appeared out of the blue saying that she wants dog back soon. Is there anything I can do to keep this dog??.
Tom - 6-Feb-19 @ 8:04 PM
Where are replies to the above comments?Am I missing the advice/ reply section.I can't see any/one. There are important questions being asked here that need advice/help.I too have a question that is similar to one above but feel it's pointless to ask if the person who owns/posted this site doesn't answer important requests!
Star Indigo - 17-Dec-18 @ 4:28 PM
Why are there no replies/advice to any of the above questions? Or is there somewhere else you can go to on this site that I'm missingfor replies advice?
Starchild - 17-Dec-18 @ 4:20 PM
A man regularly visits one of my neighbours for hours at a time and leaves his dog tied up outside in all weather including icy nights like we have got now. What can I do about this as the dog isn't friendly either and I'm worried he's either going to bite someone walking past or someone will lash out at him as he is left barking until early hours in the morning when the owner leaves.
Concerned citizen - 15-Dec-18 @ 11:41 PM
I was at the park today with my 5 month old puppy, who is overly friendly in the sense of she loves everyone. She ran over to play with another dog about the same size as her twice, on the second turn the owner kicked my dog stating that she was mounting his dog. I told him that if he touched her again I was going to phone the police and explained that she was only a puppy. But the guy just kept mouthing off. I'm now feeling anxious incase he is there again. I take my puppy there everyday and she plays well with others. She has made some friends that she sees regularly and this guy was definitely not a regular. I just want to know what to do should he be there and possibly happen again. It's not like she was being aggressive, she was just wanting to play. Any help would be great, I need to put my mind at ease.
Vall - 2-Dec-18 @ 9:57 PM
I wondered if you could help... A 'friend' dumped their dog on us a year or so ago. Despite not asking after her or paying towards her care or even interacting with her when they've seen her we've heard that they're planning on having the dog back within the next year (vague I know!). We love the dog dearly and she is in a much better state as she was quite neglected before but as the registered owner, can the dog be legally taken from us and given back to the friend? Advice gratefully received.
Hippopig - 2-Dec-18 @ 12:42 AM
Somebody on this site mentioned that a new dog law came into force on 24/10/18. Apparently the new law states that all dogs must be put on a lead in communal areas, the back and front gardens. Could somebody please confirm if this is true and where I can find further information.
Violet - 27-Nov-18 @ 2:55 PM
I split from my husband and in Feb this year I needed support with my dog (4 1/2 years) we got her at 8 weeks old, I was working long days to keep afloat. I had no choice but to get her to a foster home hopefully just temporary. I recieved a call on Tuesday stating she was in a shelter. I explained I had her placed in foster care and explained my situation in detail. After, I phoned the lady who helped me find the foster home for Biscuit and she tried contacting others involved to be told she'd been moved to a different home. They said I could not get her back as there may be a family out there looking for her. Initially they said my details weren't on the chip and they got my number off the vet. I then phoned the chip company and he said the previous chip company who they took made lots of errors and information was nit put on a lot of chips. I sent him my kennel club papers and he put them on as they should have been. I never signed any documentations when Biscuit went to foster carer so therefore I can't understand why they won't let me go and bring her home. I've just started a new job 5 mins from home and part time. They are saying I have to wait 10 days for her new owner to claim her. Is this right? They are saying because it's council
Beth - 25-Oct-18 @ 11:47 PM
My neighbour has been away for a week on holiday their dog has been left in the house on her own with someone coming in twice and occasionally 3 times to let her out but only for 5 mins she howls and barks constantly obviously lonely possibly distressed what .canI do? Should I call rspca I am definitely speaking to her when back but I have no idea when that would be
Mm - 24-Oct-18 @ 8:28 PM
I've been told today a new law has come into play about dogs from today 24/10/2018, that all dogs must be put on a lead in communal areas, the back and front gardens. I understand that with parks but I live in a block of 4 flats as a council tenant and am being told now my dogs must be put on a lead even when I take them out into the back garden. Is it right what I've been told?
Gypsy - 24-Oct-18 @ 2:35 PM
Hi need some advice my daughter was a stable hand at a dog brerders. One of their pups was returned as new owner couldnt handle him. He bit the breeders husband and was so scared when returned. My daughter felt sorry for this pup who is now 2 and has worked hard to gain his trust. Taught him to sit stay and other things she has been allowed to walk him and take him off in her car. But the last few months the breeder has been threatng to put the dog down if my daughter didnt have him. She told them from the begining she could not have him at home. They agreed to let the pup stay in one of their kennels. The license person was going to them this week so again they told my daughter this pup was booked in to be pts. Desperate to save this pups live she went and got him from the breeder and slept in her car with him all night. So myself and my daughter got hold of a rescue place who said they would have him. Now the breeder wants to sue my daughter for trying to save this pups live.
Disney - 11-Oct-18 @ 9:07 AM
Where do I stand I got gaving dog 6 months ago from a lady as her foster daughter did not want him so gave him to me the foster daughter is now saying she never said she did not want him she's now wanting him back where do I stand
Liz - 24-Sep-18 @ 4:16 PM
Is there a legal limit on how long a dog can be left alone?
Plugg - 24-Sep-18 @ 8:52 AM
my neighbour has 11 husky dogs in a three bed they have not much garden only walked twice a day cant be right can it x
snowflake39 - 16-Sep-18 @ 10:30 PM
Annie - Your Question:
Is it lawful to leave dogs locked in a house alone overnight?Thanks

Our Response:
Much depends upon whether there is any neglect involved. Dogs can be left alone if they have food and water, but if a person leaves a dog unattended for long periods they can be reported and it is up to the RSPCA to make a decision on a case-by-case basis. Please see the link here.
SaferPets - 10-Sep-18 @ 11:46 AM
Is it lawful to leave dogs locked in a house alone overnight? Thanks
Annie - 8-Sep-18 @ 10:52 PM
Hi, I would have a question. I am planning to move with a friend to Edinburgh, into a flat that I will buy, so it would not be rented. (We both live outside of the Uk currently)Are there any laws that maximise the number of dogs in one flat? We have 4medium size dogs altogether, australian shepherds and border collies.The dogs are trained, obedient, and socialized, so they would not disturb the neighbours. Thanks for the answer!
Gichee - 24-Aug-18 @ 6:40 PM
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