Expert Advice to Keep Your Pet Safe

Whether you're looking for the best way to care for your pet or tips on how you and your children can safely enjoy your pets, SaferPets offers you a unique reference point on keeping your pet and your family safe.

How to Make Up a Simple Pet First Aid Kit

Just like we would prepare an emergency first-aid kit for ourselves and our family, we should do the same for our pets. No matter how much care and precaution is taken, accidents can still happen and sudden illness can still occur, so it is always best to be prepared for …

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Dealing With Pet Parasites

For many dogs and cats and their owners, external parasites are the bane of their lives, as they can cause irritation, pain and even serious disease. However, by taking some simple precautions, you can control these parasites, prevent infestations and avoid disease and other problems. Fleas Signs of infestation: your …

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The 6 Training Commands That Can Save Your Dog’s Life

We all know that training is important for our dogs – not only to ensure that they are well-mannered members of society but also to give them mental stimulation and increase their bond with us. Many of you may have dutifully attended training classes, followed instructions and put your dog …

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Common Diseases from Pet Birds and How to Avoid Them

When considering keeping an animal as a pet, it is always important to think of the zoonotic diseases that the animal may carry, i.e.. diseases which can be passed from the animal to humans (and vice versa). This is especially important when considering a pet for a child. Like many …

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Top Injuries Caused by Animals Around the World

Animals are beautiful and fascinating but they can also be dangerous. In fact, it is estimated that one half of the world’s population will be bitten by an animal at some point in their life (the majority of which will be domesticated animals or pets) and that the impact of …

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Introducing a Rescue Dog to Our Cat: A Case Study

The Anderson family had been talking for a long time about adding a dog to their family – although they loved their old tabby, Mittens, the kids wanted a more interactive playmate and Mike and Harriet wanted a companion they could take with them on their daily walks. “We weren’t …

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Safe Reptile Keeping for Young Children

Are your kids pestering you for a reptile as a pet? Or have you thought of getting your kids a more “unusual and interesting” pet and wondered if reptiles are suitable and safe for children to keep? The Truth About Reptiles… It is important to remember that reptiles are “exotic …

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How to Safely Break Up a Dog Fight

There are few things as scary as a loud, vicious dog fight and every dog owner lives in fear of their beloved pet becoming involved in a fight one day. What would you do? How could you break up the fight safely? First, a Word of Warning… Before you even …

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Checklist: Moving House With Pets

There can be so many things to think about when planning to move house that pets can often be forgotten and neglected! But a bit of foresight and planning can help to prevent any accidents, such as a pet getting injured in the move or going missing, which can cause …

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