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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Can I Keep a Dog on My Hotel Premises?, Does our Dog have to Remain...
Bird Safety
Bird Safety: Safe Bird Cages, Owning Pet Birds, Common Diseases from Pet Birds and...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Helping My Obese Dog Exercise: A Case Study, Keeping Cats and the...
Cat Safety
Cat Safety: Keeping Indoor Cats Happy & Healthy, Are Feral Cat Colonies...
Choosing Safe Pets
Choosing Safe Pets: Taking On a Rescue Dog, Top 10 Pet Safety Questions, Safe Dog Breeds...
Dog Safety
Dog Safety: Introducing a Puppy to Other Dogs, Safe Toys for Your Dog, D...
Emergencies: How to Prepare Your Pets for Natural Disasters, What to Do When...
Exotic Pets
Exotic Pets: Safe Exotic Pets for Kids...
General Pet Ownership
General Pet Ownership: Chip and Tag Your Pet, Putting Different Breeds...
Kids and Pets
Kids and Pets: Teaching Kids to be Safe Around Pets, Great Pets for Younger Kids,...
Pet Finance
Pet Finance: Vet's Fees, Ownership Costs, Choosing Pet Insurance...
Pet Health
Pet Health: Dealing With Pet Parasites, The Truth About Lyme Disease, Animal Bite...
Pet Proof Your Home
Pet Proof Your Home: Keeping Pets Safe During Festive Holidays,...
Pet Travel Safety
Pet Travel Safety: Safe Car Travel and Pets, Safe Pet Carriers and Crates, Holidaying...
Reptile and Fish Safety
Reptile and Fish Safety: The Worst Reptiles for Beginners, Freshwater Fish...
Small Mammals
Small Mammals: Keeping Mammals in an Aviary, Keeping Your Rabbit Safe, How to...
Latest Comments
  • Lizzy the Wild Lizar
    Re: How to Train Your Pet Lizard
    im wondering how to tame a wild lizard i found outside but took in because it is severely hurt. i really want it to trust me.
    22 October 2018
  • Maggie
    Re: Introducing a Kitten to Other Cats
    We found and male kitten and brought him home Guess he was around 2 months He has been here 3 months My husband found and…
    18 October 2018
  • Disney
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    Hi need some advice my daughter was a stable hand at a dog brerders. One of their pups was returned as new owner couldnt handle him. He bit the…
    11 October 2018
  • Nia
    Re: Keeping Mammals in an Aviary
    I have a fancy mouse, 2 button quails and 2 budgies. The questions and the budgies have been together for a while now but we want…
    5 October 2018
  • Liz
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    Where do I stand I got gaving dog 6 months ago from a lady as her foster daughter did not want him so gave him to me the foster daughter is now…
    24 September 2018
  • Plugg
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    Is there a legal limit on how long a dog can be left alone?
    24 September 2018
  • Kas
    Re: Introducing a Kitten to Other Cats
    We lost one of our cats to cancer 2 months ago and the other day we found a kitten abandoned and on her own in a rubbish…
    19 September 2018
  • snowflake39
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    my neighbour has 11 husky dogs in a three bed they have not much garden only walked twice a day cant be right can it x
    16 September 2018
  • SaferPets
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    Annie - Your Question:Is it lawful to leave dogs locked in a house alone overnight?ThanksOur Response:
    10 September 2018
  • Annie
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    Is it lawful to leave dogs locked in a house alone overnight? Thanks
    8 September 2018
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