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Ask Our Experts: Can I Keep a Dog on My Hotel Premises?, Does our Dog have to Remain...
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Bird Safety: Safe Bird Cages, Owning Pet Birds, Common Diseases from Pet Birds and...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Helping My Obese Dog Exercise: A Case Study, Keeping Cats and the...
Cat Safety
Cat Safety: Keeping Indoor Cats Happy & Healthy, Are Feral Cat Colonies...
Choosing Safe Pets
Choosing Safe Pets: Taking On a Rescue Dog, Top 10 Pet Safety Questions, Safe Dog Breeds...
Dog Safety
Dog Safety: Introducing a Puppy to Other Dogs, Safe Toys for Your Dog, D...
Emergencies: How to Prepare Your Pets for Natural Disasters, What to Do When...
Exotic Pets
Exotic Pets: Safe Exotic Pets for Kids...
General Pet Ownership
General Pet Ownership: Chip and Tag Your Pet, Putting Different Breeds...
Kids and Pets
Kids and Pets: Teaching Kids to be Safe Around Pets, Great Pets for Younger Kids,...
Pet Finance
Pet Finance: Vet's Fees, Ownership Costs, Choosing Pet Insurance...
Pet Health
Pet Health: Dealing With Pet Parasites, The Truth About Lyme Disease, Animal Bite...
Pet Proof Your Home
Pet Proof Your Home: Keeping Pets Safe During Festive Holidays,...
Pet Travel Safety
Pet Travel Safety: Safe Car Travel and Pets, Safe Pet Carriers and Crates, Holidaying...
Reptile and Fish Safety
Reptile and Fish Safety: The Worst Reptiles for Beginners, Freshwater Fish...
Small Mammals
Small Mammals: Keeping Mammals in an Aviary, Keeping Your Rabbit Safe, How to...
Latest Comments
  • SaferPets
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    Lottie - Your Question:It it the law that a dog has to be fenced in?Our Response:All dog owners
    11 May 2018
  • Lottie
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    It it the law that a dog has to be fenced in?
    10 May 2018
  • BusyWoman
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    My neighbour for 23 years as been a constant pain in the butt.. repeatedly trying to report us for any reason in order to try and get us to…
    2 May 2018
  • Kirk
    Re: Demonstrating that Dogs Are Not Dangerous If Handled Correctly
    Hi my puppy nipped a 12year old who visited our home. They were ovee excited and…
    2 May 2018
  • Ruth
    Re: Introducing a Kitten to Other Cats
    @Chrissy, did you solved the problem? Im in the sme situation right now and Im so stressed
    20 April 2018
  • prof. DF
    Re: Keeping Your Rabbit Safe
    was up people i love rabbit and take care of them
    3 April 2018
  • Misty
    Re: The Dangers of Cat Fights
    @Potli - You haven't said whether the cat is looking after its own wound or how serious the wound is. Much depends on what the vet…
    29 March 2018
  • Potli
    Re: The Dangers of Cat Fights
    My cat is bitten by another cat (wild cat). I took him to the Doctor n gave antibiotics. He has a big wound on his stomach. I am…
    28 March 2018
  • Anya
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    Hi. How about leaving a dog alone for two weeks when someone comes to him at least twice a day for an hour or so . Is it safe/legal? Thanks
    23 March 2018
  • SaferPets
    Re: Dog Laws in the UK
    Bea - Your Question:A small business (next to our property) brings 3 dogs to work every day. They let the Labrador run loose about the yard as…
    22 March 2018
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